ROMANCING: 5 Reasons to Date Another Climber. 5 Reasons to Avoid it.

ROMANCING: 5 Reasons to Date Another Climber. 5 Reasons to Avoid it.

 Image source:  Open Source

Image source: Open Source


You share and interest
If climbing takes up most of your free time, it's convenient and often inevitable to date another climber. It makes the things you like doing easier if you’re able to do them with the one you love, with less relationship friction. You don't have to split your time up as viciously. Nor are you prone to being made to feel guilty for wanting to get outside on your days away from the grind instead of wanting to visit markets and cookie cutter shopping centres

The sex is (usuallypretty good
Compared to the average man or woman, climbers have pretty toned, fit physiques. Usually accompanied with the stamina and sexual aggression to match. Climbers are also obsessed with using their hands.  The end result is smiles all round.


You gain friends
By association, their friends become your friends, and the partners of their friends become your friends. It makes for a great day out.

They can assist with motivation
We've all been there. Sometimes your enthusiasm dwindles. The psyche to climb dwindles for whatever reason. Enthusiasm is contagious. You'll catch it.

You understand each other's passion (obsession?)
If you both LOVE to climb then you both understand when the other can think of nothing but the climb. That exciting point in time where nothing else matters except the holds, the moves and what you need to do to get there. 


It can get awkward when things go pear-shaped
When you part ways and end up at the same crag weeks or months down the track, it really fucks with your head-space. For a while at least. It made focus almost impossible. Especially if it didn't end well. But like all things, it becomes easier to be resilient and carry on regardless. 

You lose a climbing partner
It sucks. Plain and simple. To lose someone you trusted to literally catch you when you fell.

You lose friends
Depending on how long you are together: If you've made friends through them, you can kiss them goodbye. Which is why I stress the importance of climbing with your own friends and make your own independent of them. 

You end up the belay bitch
Climbing is a solo sport. But when the belaying isn't shared, it's hardly worth it. A little bit of selfishness is great. But if you're constantly belaying them on their project all day and only climb one or two warm-up routes, it's time to reassess. No matter how hard they climb or how attracted you are to that sexy body. Climbers (i.e you too) are known for being quite pretty independent people who have personal goals. 

Sometimes you're just not compatible
Shared values are more important than shared interests. Maybe your values don't align well with theirs. Maybe you want/ don't want to have kids.  Perhaps they are a really good belay. And that's it. 

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