REVIEW: Tokyo Powder Industries Chalk

Is chalk just chalk? I replaced my usual chalk with Tokyo Powder Industries chalk for 6 months both indoors and outdoors. Japanese are renowned for finding the sweet spot between form and function. I don't think this is any exception. Initially I was REALLY resistant to this chalk and beyond doubtful of any difference. Scented? Pfft. Super fine? Like that matters. I admit I was wrong. 

It's super smooth and adheres to every nook on your hands with minimal effort. I found it outperformed Metolious Super Chalk when it came to battling sweaty indoor and outdoor hands without over drying or needing much. I also put some of the scented chalk on my feet before I step into in my climbing shoes to help sweaty feet and climbing feet funk. 

Tokyo Powder Industries Chalk gives you 4 options:

  • Speed: The minty smelling one with peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils
  • Effect: The one that reminds you of Turkish Delight, with geranium and bergamot essential oils.
  • Pure:  The unscented one for those who don't wan't fragrance. Just 100% pure high quality magnesium carbonate for you purists. 
  • Black:  Still smooth like the rest but with an addition of natural weakly acidic minerals from Japanese Onsen (Japanese hot spring)

After trying them all, my favourite is Effect because of that spicy uplifting smell. Now I'm addicted. I enjoy the ritual of preparing to try a project and associating the scent and the smoothness with trying to send. It lives up to the hype.
For those wanting to try it for themselves, Roctic Climbing is currently selling it  at 15% off with the code: 'FIRSTASCENT'